wedding & Party Catering

We know how important it is for your special day to be perfect. We are arranging our own wedding for September this year so boy do we know!!

Our love for food is what we think sets us apart.  We won't pretend that you will get 150 perfect, identical plates of food, what you will get is a plateful of heart and soul made to your taste and specification.

Some stuff cooking on a barbecue


We love a good barbecue, there is something about cooking over wood in the outdoors that enriches the soul.  Whatever kind of BBQ you love best, we can do it; barrel barbecue, pit barbecue, hungy, smoker, you name it, we can do it.


Big Dinners

There are few better things than spending time with people chatting over a good hearty meal.  We aim to make sit down meals a fun sharing experience that gets you involved with your meal. 


Canapés & Snacks

Where we started out is playing with pastry which lends itself perfectly to the Canapé or late night snack element of your wedding.  Our Sausage Roller is just the vehicle for a little something different.