parties and events

Your events

When it comes to feeding lots of people delicious things, we like to think we know what we're doing.  So if you're struggling or want to find some friendly people to come and do it for you, get in touch.

We can do anything from a little afternoon tea to an enormous birthday party and most stuff in between.  In our relatively short history we have done quite an array of events and are always happy to try something else.

Contact us to talk through whatever it is you need and we can plan a bespoke menu for you.  Whatever happens it will be delicious.

supper clubs

Our events

Every now and again we hold Supper Clubs. Sometimes they're at home, sometimes at different venues around the place.

What we like to do is partner with other local businesses from pubs to farmers and set up a little night to showcase particular ingredients or venues or even local breweries.

Keep in touch and we will let you know when our next events are coming up.

Call 07977 921411 to speak to us.